"Happiness and smiles go hand in hand"

You can trust us! We’ll open to your children a world full of entertainment, learning and development

Everybody spends a happy time in our private preschool Pro Family, which has been helping children, including children with special needs, to take first learning steps since 1992. We provide an understanding environment, sensitive approach and pleasant atmosphere. Teachers, logopedic specialists and health professionals are present in the preschool all day, fully focusing on children’s comfort.

Throughout the year, we develop children’s intellectual skills, language skills – by acquainting them with the English language – as well as their aesthetic awareness, and we also endeavour to improve their state of health and motor skills.

Children can exercise in the gym, play the soprano flute, swim, take a sauna, get introduced to dance, play tennis, learn to ski, learn to ride a bike, work with pottery clay or exercise yoga. Pre-schoolers participate in Hygiene Education, where they learn hygiene routines and how to lead a healthy life. Older children ride horses, exercise their entire muscle apparatus and acquire skills related to animal work. In addition, canistherapy lessons with a wonderful dog friend are held in the preschool.

Every month we go to the theatre and in autumn and spring we visit a planetarium and take many other trips. We also take children to concerts of classical music or, for example, to Prague Zoo. In winter, we go skiing in the mountains while in summer we organise seaside stays. In spring we go to Mariánské Lázně, where a complex programme is prepared for children to improve and protect their immune system.

Opening hours 7am to 7pm
Qualified teachers
23 years’ history of Pro Family
Our own education programme
Pro Family is the first private preschool opened in the CR
Family environment, genuinely Czech company
Within the network of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, it is subject to inspection of the Czech School Inspectorate
Our programme was evaluated as the best in the CR

We operate preschools in the following locations:
Praha 9 - Lovosická (Prosek)
Praha 9 - Novoborská (Růžovka)
Praha 4 - Krč (Točitá)
Praha 12 - Modřany (Čiperka)
Praha 15 - Dubeč (Dubeč)
Měšice u Prahy (Měšice)

If you are interested, write to: skolka@profamily.cz